Workout Tip: Keep Shaking Your Exercise Routine Up

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Workout Tip: Keep Shaking Your Exercise Routine UpIf you want to get the maximum impact from your exercise time, you need to be careful to avoid falling into a workout rut. This is when you automatically just keep doing the same exact exercise routine each time, without any deviation from your established pattern. While you may think it’s more efficient to just follow an established routine and stick with what (apparently) works, in reality you may be hampering your own efforts.

It’s important to switch up the routine frequently—in other words, to keep your body guessing. If you do the same routine in an exact sequence over and over, your muscles will become accustomed to the demands that particular series of exercises puts on them. As a result, the challenge of those moves will be diminished, and you may see your results begin to stagnate. By keeping your routine changing and flexible, you will continue to challenge your muscles and that will help you achieve the maximum results from your workout. If you feel like you have reached a plateau and aren’t getting as much out of your workouts as you used to, this could be the reason.

Of course, there’s also a mental reason for adding variety to your workout routine: it helps prevent boredom. It’s much harder to stay motivated about your fitness regimen if your process has gotten stale and dull. By shaking things up, you can regain some of the excitement you likely initially had when you first embarked on your workout routine. As a bonus, by introducing new tactics to your regimen, you may unexpectedly discover new exercises that you really enjoy.

If you like your exercise routine and are happy with your approach, the changes don’t have to be radical. You can try to find creative ways to change things up just enough to be new and different, or think of strategies to insert a few new elements to the basic routine you like.

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