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Best Fitness Equipment BrandsWhen it comes to home gym equipment – and fitness equipment in general, being choosy about brand names can often be a smart move. This is one situation where you often really do get what you pay for.

Why quality and reputation matters

Fitness equipment and home gym systems are major investments. You want to get the most for your money by going with a brand you can trust, one that delivers quality and durability so the equipment will last as long as possible.

If your equipment breaks quickly and often, or frequently needs repair, this will be very disruptive to your workout routine. Not to mention, it is just plain annoying. Constantly trying to repair your equipment or get it serviced can be a hassle. In addition, if a machine breaks while you are using it, this can create a hazardous situation. That’s a risk you don’t want to take.

A great selection of trusted brands

Fortunately, trying to find the best brands doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Fitness 4 Home, we carry many trusted brands that have earned great reputations for high-quality products. Here are just a few examples:

True: Offers an award-winning line of cardio equipment including True Treadmills, True Ellipticals, True Recumbent Bikes, True Upright Bikes, and the True Stretch.

Precor: Precor fitness equipment is chosen by health clubs, hotels and spas, universities, and individuals all over the world and is one of the most recognized and respected fitness brands in the industry.  Precor is dedicated to bringing you the very best in cardio, strength and flexibility fitness equipment.

Spirit Fitness: Spirit fitness equipment makes the process of exercising more enjoyable so you will be motivated to spend more time exercising.  Spirit Fitness creates quality innovative products such as the Spirit Treadmill, Spirit Elliptical, and Spirit Bike.

TuffStuff: Since 1971, TuffStuff Fitness International has manufactured some of the toughest and most reliable premium strength fitness equipment in the industry, including close to 200 products for home use and commercial use.

This is just a small sampling of the many respected and reliable brands we can offer you. To learn about all of the fitness equipment we can provide for your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore.

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