Lateral Trainers in Arizona

Lateral Trainers

Lateral Training for the home is the fastest growing cardio fitness equipment category in the fitness industry. With convenient locations in Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale Fitness 4 Home Superstore showcases a large variety of award winning trainers from Helix and True Fitness that cater to our clients who not only want to move front to back (like most cardio), but side to side as well. The 360 degree bi-directional movement of TRUE and Helix lateral trainers is a fantastic workout for toning and strengthening glutes, hamstrings, and both inner and outer thighs. If you're looking for an incredible leg workout that tones and strengthens, lateral trainers are a great addition to your home gym equipment collection. Learn more at our stores - our Scottsdale Superstore, Camelback Superstore, or I-10 Superstore, in Arizona.