Let’s face it, we are all way too busy these days. Many of us are working long hours, and we also tend to have a lot of family and personal obligations and activities. We often find ourselves trying to decide between a number of things that are competing for our time. Unfortunately, one task that
Workout Tip: When You Overdid It with Exercise
This is a time of year when many people decide to jump into a new exercise routine, or give the routine they had a kickstart. That can be great for your fitness level, but it can sometimes also result in trying to do too much too soon, which can backfire on you when you are
Workout Tip: Exercise in Short Intense Bursts
One of the most common reasons people give for not working out (or not working out as often as they should) is lack of time. That’s understandable, as everyone today has a busy schedule with lots of demands on their time. However, a lack of time doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your workouts. In fact,
Density Training
Short on time but don’t want to shortchange your workout? There’s a popular tactic that can help you get impressive results with a more condensed routine. The technique is known as density training. (It’s sometimes also referred to as an escalating density training workout.) It may sound too good to be true, but it is
Workout Hydration
It’s one of the most fundamental rules of exercising and working out: you need to stay hydrated – here’s why hydration is critical. Yes, we know it’s so basic that it seems like common sense. We hear this advice so often that we may start to tune it out and not give it much serious
Food Timing and Selection
Your workout routine is a critical part of your fitness strategy, of course, but it’s only half the equation. Eating the wrong type or volume of food can totally sabotage all of the hard work you do in your workouts. We all know it is important to watch what you eat carefully and focus on
Workout Tip: Be Strategic with Supplements
For many people, nutritional supplements are an essential part of their fitness and workout routine. These supplements come in a wide range of types, but mainly are used to provide you with essential nutritional elements. This is especially important if you need to compensate for a special diet that may be lacking in certain nutritional
Intense Training
Looking for a fitness regimen that will give you noticeable results quickly, while also providing a number of other health benefits? Maybe it’s time you got intense with your workouts. High intensity basics High intensity interval training (also known by the nickname HIIT) is, as you can probably guess from the name, based on intense
Workout Tip: Certain Exercises Build Bulk
If you are hoping to add size (either to your entire frame overall or to certain muscle groups), you will want to plan your workout with these goals specifically in mind. You can speed up your progress by building your fitness regimen around moves that are particularly effective at building mass. More weight and fewer
Workout Tip: Choose the Right Clothing
One of the things you will have to consider when preparing for a workout is what you will wear during this activity. There are plenty of upscale clothing designers out there that offer lines designed specifically for fitness activities. Some of them are high-quality and would certainly serve the purpose of providing you with proper