Workout Tip: Exercise in Short Intense Bursts

Workout Tip: Exercise in Short Intense Bursts

One of the most common reasons people give for not working out (or not working out as often as they should) is lack of time. That’s understandable, as everyone today has a busy schedule with lots of demands on their time. However, a lack of time doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your workouts. In fact, it can force you to adopt a new approach to fitness that in the end may be very beneficial. Here’s a few workout tips to help you find still get your workout done, even if you’re suffering from limitted time to exercise.

Short intense workout sessions

Exercise training in brief yet intense bursts of activity is referred to by a variety of names. Recently, it has become known by the popular term of high-intensity interval training. It is sometimes also called short-duration workouts. Whatever you may call it, the basic strategy involves going all-in and exercising intensely at full capacity for short, intense periods of time.

However, recent studies have indicated that it may not be necessary to push yourself to the absolute limit to get benefits from intense training. Even just stepping up your game and exercising at a considerably more strenuous level than normal can result in immediate and impressive gains. This less hardcore approach can be a smart option for people who have physical limitations due to injury, for older people or those who are just starting a fitness regimen.

Benefits of the intense approach

Exercising in short bursts of intense activity has several benefits. By the nature of the time constraints, it forces you to get right to the core of your workout. You focus on your most important priorities and zero in on the areas or muscle groups that are most important to you. This helps you skip the unproductive intro period that often starts out a workout—the exercise equivalent of small talk—and instead go straight to the essential activities.

Intense training helps you build lean muscle, increase strength and burn calories quickly. As an added bonus, you can avoid the problems that can be caused by overtraining. This can include extreme fatigue, constant muscle aches, injuries, muscle cramps and even insomnia.

While intense, targeted training can help you get the maximum benefits from even a limited workout, your choice of fitness equipment can also play a big role. To learn about the home gym equipment we can offer for your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore.

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