Workout Tip: Food Timing and Selection is Important

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Food Timing and Selection Your workout routine is a critical part of your fitness strategy, of course, but it’s only half the equation. Eating the wrong type or volume of food can totally sabotage all of the hard work you do in your workouts.

We all know it is important to watch what you eat carefully and focus on the most nutritious, healthy foods while staying away from those that are bad for you. But it isn’t quite that simple. Putting together the perfect eating plan that best complements your workout isn’t just about picking smart foods. It’s also about arranging your eating schedule strategically and dividing the specific menu items in the best way.

Here are some tips for blending the food and exercise portions of your fitness routine in the most effective and healthy way:

Avoid high-fat foods prior to a workout. Foods that are high in fat can often make you feel sluggish, but that’s not the only reason to avoid them before your workout. High fat-content foods can dilate blood vessels, and this restricted blood flow to muscles will make it tougher for you to achieve optimum results from your workout.

Don’t skimp on the carbs. While fatty foods may be a no-no before your routine, carbs are a critical part of many people’s pre- and post-workout regimen. Carbs provide boosts of energy that are vital to providing the fuel you need (some people even swear by nibbling on carb-based snacks during breaks in an extended workout session). These foods not only help you achieve peak performance during your workout, but they also help you burn energy, which can be a great thing if calories are a concern.

Don’t get creative before an important event. Each person’s body and chemistry is different, so certain foods or types of foods may affect you in a particular way. What makes someone else feel too jittery to focus may be just the boost you need. So it’s good to test out various food-related routines to see what works best for you. Just don’t do it before an important workout or big event. You may be unpleasantly surprised by how it affects your performance.

Be careful with caffeine. Many athletes and fitness buffs rely on caffeine for an energy boost. And while caffeine is usually fine in small quantities, you don’t want to go overboard. Too much caffeine can make you jittery and anxious, which isn’t a good state to be in during a workout. Again, everyone’s tolerance is different so you have to monitor your own reactions to caffeine to see where your personal threshold is.

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