Workout Tip: Proper Hydration is Critical

Workout HydrationIt’s one of the most fundamental rules of exercising and working out: you need to stay hydrated – here’s why hydration is critical.

Yes, we know it’s so basic that it seems like common sense. We hear this advice so often that we may start to tune it out and not give it much serious thought. But it’s dangerous to ignore or underestimate the importance of staying properly hydrated when working out. And this means staying aware of hydration before, during and after your actual workout.

Hydration may seem very simple, but there is actually more to it than you might think. It generally involves more than taking a few sips of water when you get hot or thirsty during a workout.

First, you must consider just how much a vigorous (or even seemingly moderate) workout impacts your body with regards to fluids and hydration. You would probably be surprised to know exactly how much fluid your body can lose via sweat and other functions as a result of physical activity.

Once you realize how much fluid you can lose with a typical workout, you realize how much water (or other liquid) you need in order to make up for that loss and restore your body’s fluid balance. Generally, a few small sips aren’t sufficient. You will likely need at least 12 ounces or more of fluid to provide enough hydration to keep yourself from overheating. The longer and more intense your workout, the more fluids you will need.

Then you also must consider the type of liquids you drink. While water is a good start, it often may not meet all of your body’s needs. We lose electrolytes and other chemicals during a workout, so an enhanced sports drink can help replace those lost elements. Fruit or fruit-based juices can also be a good option for providing both hydration and nutrition.

Staying hydrated is important with any type of physical activity, especially when you are enjoying a serious workout on your home fitness equipment. For information about choosing the right cardio equipment for your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore today.

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