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Workout Tip: Density Training to Save Time

Density TrainingShort on time but don’t want to shortchange your workout? There’s a popular tactic that can help you get impressive results with a more condensed routine. The technique is known as density training. (It’s sometimes also referred to as an escalating density training workout.)

It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible to spend less time on your workout while still getting the same—or better—results. But it won’t be easy. This type of workout approach isn’t for the faint-hearted or those who are seeking a low-key, relaxed, gentle workout. Density training is intense and strenuous.

Training density refers to the amount of work (as in, reps and sets) you can complete in a given timeframe. If you can squeeze more reps into a certain amount of time, you are increasing your training density. So basically you want to maximize your time and pick up the pace. There are a few tactics to help you do this. One is of course just to move faster. You can also cut down on your rest time. It’s usually best to attempt the shortest rest time right at the start of the workout, when you have the most energy and your muscles are in top form. As your workout progresses and your muscles get more tired, you likely will need slightly longer rest periods.

Packing more reps into a condensed timeframe can cause strain and exhaustion. To help decrease your post-workout agony, think of ways to plan your workout strategically to minimize strain. For example, you can try pairing non-competing (also referred to as antagonist) muscle groups.

Once you reach the point where you are able to zip through your compressed workout easily without breaking too much of a sweat, you will want to increase weight to ensure your muscles are still being challenged.

If you are someone who frequently complains of not having enough time to exercise, this might be the perfect solution for you.

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