Beat Stress with Exercise!
That treadmill you have sitting there is good for more than just another, monotonous workout. It’s a great tool for building your running regime. Whether you’re looking to run a 10K or even a marathon, or just want to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness level, here’s how real runners train on treadmills. Workout #1: Increase
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True cs650 Treadmill
Phoenix Springs are Perfect for Treadmill Running Spring is approaching, and soon, we’ll be looking at those infamous triple-digits we get out here in Phoenix, AZ. For those of us who are serious about are running or need to get ready for a marathon, Ironman or Ultra in the fall, this is the time to
True cs650 Treadmill
Now that fall is upon is, and cooler temperatures are just around the corner (especially nice here in Phoenix), there are more running events coming up that you’ll need to train for. Whether it’s the Rock N’ Roll Marathon in January, or just a fun run with friends during the holidays, starting your training on