How Real Runners train on Treadmills

How Real Runners train on TreadmillsThat treadmill you have sitting there is good for more than just another, monotonous workout. It’s a great tool for building your running regime. Whether you’re looking to run a 10K or even a marathon, or just want to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness level, here’s how real runners train on treadmills.

Workout #1: Increase your pace

Running outside makes it difficult to remember what you need to do. When running a race, you need to be able to run at a fast pace to make the best time. But, it can be difficult to focus on this while doing your daily run. Treadmills make it easy – as you can program your treadmill to do your thinking for you! Just set the treadmill at the pace you want to run at – and go! So – try this – if you normally run, say, 5 miles – make that last mile a faster pace. Just focus on your form and your foot placement – and let the treadmill control your speed. See if that makes a difference in both your motivation as well as your overall fitness level.

Workout #2: Train for hills

Many races, whether here in Phoenix, or elsewhere, have a hill component to the race. But your local run may not have hills for you to practice on. Turn to your treadmill for improving your ability to run hills. Just set your incline somewhere between 4-8%. This can help work those muscles that don’t get built up on the “flats”, as wells as build up additional lung capacity.

Workout #3: Long Runs

Looking to run 10K or more? Especially with summer weather in Phoenix, it’s just too unbearable – and maybe dangerous – to do long runs. If you’re looking at running for 2-3 hours, it’s just safer to run on your treadmill to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion. Plus, you can push yourself more. Try running for 20-30 minutes past the time you think it would take you to run your actual race course. This can help you build endurance that not only improves your overall time, but also helps you mentally train for longer courses.

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