It’s that time of year where everything seems to have pumpkin in it. And, many of the “pumpkin-spice-whatever” recipes out there are, well, less than healthy. Here’s a recipe that’s easy to make, under 400 calories per serving, and has a nice pumpkin spice taste – all while also being a great healthy breakfast or
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Healthy Recipe: Turkey Sausage Patties
If you have a craving for a great sausage-based meal but don’t want to sabotage your good eating regimen, we have the perfect solution. These turkey sausage patties are packed with flavor, and are surprisingly moist thanks to the pear (an apple or other type of fruit can also be used as a substitute). As
High Protein Vegetarian Recipe - Pressure Cooked Vegetarian Chili
Whether you have digestive issues that preclude you from eathing meat, or avoiding meat is a lifestyle choice, it’s still important to get adequate protein in your diet. And, if you exercise, it’s that much more important to make sure your muscles have enough protein to rebuild and grow with. Here’s a simple, yet tasty
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Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew
Nothing hits the spot on a chilly winter evening quite like a hot and filling stew, and it’s a great bonus if you can find a healthy recipe that also results in a delicious dish. This recipe for chicken and sweet potato stew will please both your taste buds and your internal fitness coach. It’s
Healthy Recipe - California Fish Tacos
Although summer is over in Phoenix, we still have plenty of warm days ahead. So if you’re looking for a tasty, yet easy to make recipe for your post-workout meal, these California fish tacos are flavorful and light – perfect on a hot afternoon. Ingredients: 1 tsp. vegetable oil 1 fresh jalapeno, chopped 1 onion,
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Healthy Recipe: Hoisin-Glazed Halibut with Bok Choy
Eating smart doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste. This healthy recipe for hoisin-glazed halibut with bok choy and bulgur is delicious, filling and surprisingly simple to prepare. Plus, it offers a robust combination of rich flavors. (Recipe courtesy of Real Simple.) Ingredients: 1 cup bulgur 3 tablespoons canola oil kosher salt and black pepper 2

The Healthy Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage – low in calories, fat and cholesterol. Yet, cabbage is frequently overlooked for other greens like brussels sprouts, broccoli, or kale. But, what are the healthy benefits of cabbage? Did you know, though, that adding cabbage to your diet is great for helping your post workout recovery? According to Elizabeth M. Ward, R.D., “Cabbage
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Healthy Recipe: Sweet Salmon with a Touch of Spice
Fish is a popular staple of a healthy diet. But sticking with the same old rotation of fish-based recipes can start to get boring. This delicious salmon recipe is a great way to add an exciting twist to your menu—and the spicy element gives it some extra personality. (Recipe courtesy of American Heart Association) Ingredients:
Curried Chicken with Mango Salad
Looking for a easy, yet healthy chicken recipe? Try this one for Curried Chicken with Mango Salad! If you don’t want to heat up your kitchen you can cook the chicken on the grill instead; grill on high heat, 6 to 8 minutes per side. Make it a meal: Serve with a fragrant brown basmati
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Think the words “barbecue” and “sliders” can’t be included in a healthy nutrition regimen? Then you obviously haven’t seen this healthy recipe for barbecue pulled chicken sliders. Yes, this is a little bit of an indulgence and isn’t something you could (or would want to) eat at every meal, but it’s a delicious and very