Save Money on Ingredients for Your Healthy Recipe

healthy ingredientsHealthy food may be good for your body—but it isn’t always so great for your budget. It’s a common lament among those who are concerned with their health or are trying to get in better shape: the staples for a healthy diet often seem to be much more expensive than their less healthy counterparts.

It doesn’t help that some of the essentials for a well-balanced, nutritious diet (such as fruits and vegetables) are seasonal. Depending on where you live or the shopping options available in your area, prices may spike considerably at certain times of year.

However, there are tips for getting those essential ingredients for your favorite healthy recipe without going broke.

A few suggestions:

Go generic. For packaged items, name brands often cost more. Try a generic or store-brand version to see if you notice a difference. Chances are, you’ll like it just as much.

Avoid packaged, convenience-oriented items. With things like salad mixes and other items that are put in a handy arrangement for your convenience, you often will pay much more than if you bought the ingredients separately and mixed them together yourself.

Buy in bulk. If you have a warehouse type store in your area, run the numbers and see if buying in large quantities will save you money in the long run.

Grow your own. Obviously, this takes time and work, but growing fresh produce yourself can save you money. Plus, you know exactly what’s on your food and don’t need to worry about mysterious chemicals.

Use budget-friendly staples. Things like chicken and potatoes tend to be among the most affordable options.

Stock up on sale items. When you do find a good deal, stock up and freeze or package extras to save for the future.

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Bob Lachniet

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