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Fitness Important Even for Those with Physical Jobs

Fitness Important Even for Those with Physical JobsMany people often assume that employees who perform physically demanding or strenuous jobs get enough activity at work and don’t need any additional workouts or physical activity. In reality, that’s usually not the case. And in fact you might be surprised to learn that people with strenuous jobs are often not in the best shape, from a fitness perspective.

Example: a shocking (and somewhat disturbing) recent study found that 70% of firefighters in the United States are overweight or obese. Part of the issue may be that many firefighters in this country serve on a volunteer basis. As such, the physical requirements for obtaining those positions may be less strict than those at paid departments. In addition, volunteer firefighters often serve their communities while also holding down a full-time job, which can make it difficult to squeeze workouts and other physical activity into their already crowded schedule. Firefighters who are on duty late at night may find it particularly challenging to get enough exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness important for demanding jobs

If anything, it’s even more important for people who have physically demanding jobs to get regular exercise and stay in good shape. Otherwise, they may not be able to perform the duties of their jobs without excessive strain or possible injury. This is especially true in the case of firefighters and other emergency responders, where the physical demands of their job can fluctuate greatly depending upon how many emergencies they must respond to during a shift. During a slow period, they may not need to exert themselves very much physically, which can then leave them unprepared when they are required to suddenly perform a strenuous task.

Flexibility is key

For people in these types of job, flexibility is critical when it comes to fitness. They need routines that they can adapt to their needs and work into their busy and unpredictable schedule. Rigid routines are generally impractical and aren’t something most people can maintain for the long term. For people who must exert themselves physically at work, creative workout routines can also be more enjoyable and help differentiate recreational exercise from the daily grind of the job.

A home gym can be a great solution in this situation, as it allows the person to have access to workout equipment whenever they like.

To learn more about home gyms or any type of fitness equipment that would best suit your lifestyle and fit in your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore today.

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