Tuff Stuff AXT-225R Classic Gym
At Fitness 4 Home Superstore, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of home gym options. One of our most popular home gyms is Tuff Stuff’s Classic Home Gym, the AXT-225R. This gym offers full body machine based movements with an optional cable outrigger station. Other features include adjustable seat height and seat back, leg
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Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Home

Why You Should Own a Home Gym

So, your goal is to loose some pounds. Tone up your body. Train for an upcoming sporting event. Improve your endurance and enjoyment of your favorite outdoor activities. We all have our reasons for working out. But one of the hardest aspects of getting in shape, is training when you have both the time and
of your own home gym, you’ll be looking at strength training at home. The perfect piece of equipment for this – is the TuffStuff SXT-550 – available at Fitness 4 Home! The TuffStuff SXT-550 Multi-Station Gym may be the perfect home gym platform. When you go to a local gym, you have a multitude of
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Precor RBK 665 Recumbent Bike
With this current COVID-19 health crisis, forcing many to not only stay at home, but with gym closures, miss their workouts, many have been forced to change the way the exercise, or give up exercise completely. Here’s why exercising at home is not only important, but some reasons why even after this crisis has passed,
Creating the Perfect home Gym

Creating the Perfect Home Gym

For what you spend over time at your local health club, it’s possible to put together a home gym. Creating the perfect home gym doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. And, you can do it in stages so you don’t hurt your budget. All while continuing to get a great workout! Essential Home Gym
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Choosing the Best Exercise Equipment For Your Workouts
So you’ve been thinking about purchasing fitness equipment for your home. Maybe going to the gym is inconvenient, or you’d just prefer to do your workouts in the privacy of your home. But, there’s so many different types of equipment to choose from – where do you start? Choosing the best exercise equipment for your
The Tuff Stuff SPT-6X SIx-Pak Trainer is the Perfect Functional Trainer
It’s not always convenient to go your your local gym. And, that lack of convenience, combined with the occasional lack of motivation, can make it difficult to keep your fitness goals on track. So, you’re thinking of buying your first home gym, but you’re not sure where – or how – to start. Here’s some
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The Evolution of Home Fitness - post COVID
It was announced this week that 24 Hour Fitness has filed for bankruptcy, and is closing over 130 gyms nationwide, amid the Coronavirus pandemic. As the CEO stated, “if it weren’t for COVID-19 and its devastating effects, we would not be filing for Chapter 11”. And, industry “experts expect a dramatic shift in the U.S.
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Avoid Coronavirus At Your Gym - Get Your Own Home Gym Equipment
People tend to worry about communal places and objects because they fear coming into contact, directly or indirectly, with someone who can get them sick. One of these places is their local home gym – and you can avoid coronavirus at your gym, by having your own home gym setup! Viruses that cause illnesses such
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Tuff Stuff SPT-6B Six-Pak Trainer
The Tuff Stuff SPT-6B Six-Pak Trainer is perfect for helping you reach your fitness goals. It was even voted “Head of the Class” by Fitness Professor Review. If you’re looking for the best functional trainer on the market, keep reading! The Six-Pak Trainer is our most compact and space efficient machine is designed to fit
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