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Cross Training Equipment

Cross training is a core strength and conditioning program, designed around compound movements while building stamina, strength, flexibility, and power. And, Fitness 4 Home Superstore offers a wide selection of cross training equipment at our three Phoenix area locations.

When it comes to Cross Training, one of the hallmarks of a proper cross training program is the lack of machines. Unlike other training philosophies, cross training is designed around body weight movements, as well as the use of free weights. Free weights are any type of equipment used for weight training that is not connected to anything besides your hand – products such as a kettlebells or dumbbells. If you began your cross training at a local “globo gym”, you probably learned in your classes just how valuable free weights are!

In cross training, there is much more of an emphasis on stretching, core workouts, and resistance – all using either free weights or your body’s own weight – all while working at an elevated heart rate. Other items that focus on flexibility & recovery, abdominal and core workouts, and plyometrics are a great way to build both strength and endurance

Types of Cross Training Equipment

There are a variety of other types of Cross Training equipment available beyond the above mentioned items. Visit the section of our website that talks about Cross Training equipment, or stop into any of our locations to learn more!

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