Cross Training Equipment
Cross training is a core strength and conditioning program, designed around compound movements while building stamina, strength, flexibility, and power. And, Fitness 4 Home Superstore offers a wide selection of cross training equipment at our three Phoenix area locations. When it comes to Cross Training, one of the hallmarks of a proper cross training program
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Fitness Tip: Cross Training
Cross training is one of the best workouts for burning fat and getting in shape because it combines a variety of different exercises. Some cross trainers prefer to swim, ride a bike, hike, walk, run, etc. Others choose to use fitness equipment (like the Tuff Stuff CXT-100) that allows them to do more than one
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New Product - The Abs Company X3S Pro Bench
The Abs Company X3S Pro This simple machine delivers the best design for a complete abs, legs, and core workout. The incline bench attachment makes The Abs Company X3S more versatile and can assist with those working their way up to the full stand-up movement. The Abs Company X3S Pro Bench is a single compact exercise machine
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Cross Training Stations Supercharge Your Fitness Plans
It is easy to see that cross training is enjoying a heyday right now, and it seems to be more popular than ever. While it might be tempting to just write this off as the latest trendy fitness craze, this type of training approach can actually have a number of valuable fitness benefits. Cross training