The Benefits of Combining Cardio & Strength Training For Your Workouts

The Benefits of Combining Cardio & Strength Training For Your Workouts

Looking to take your workouts to the next level? Want to burn fat faster, increase endurance, and live a healthier, fitter lifestyle? If you haven’t been combining strength training with your cardio workouts, now’s the time!

Before you do so, however, it’s important to undertand the different types of exercise.

  • Aerobic Exercise – In other words, cardio. Aerobic exercise is when you strengthen your heart and lungs, which improves your body’s ability to deliver & use oxygen. This is a great way to build endurance, as your muscles need oxygen to function, and the better they can utilize oxygen, the more endurance you’ll have.
  • Strength Exercise – This is exercise where by putting your muscles under resistance, that resistance and muscular contraction builds strength and size for your skeletal muscles. This increase in muscle speeds up your metabolism, while adding strength and endurance as well.

It’s important to combine the two types of training, as each complements the other and can help you acheive gains that you coudn’t accomplish by specializing on only one type of exercise.

Proper weight training increases strength and endurance in your muscles, which will help you in your cardio workouts to go farther and faster, helping you increase your cardiovascular capacity. And, this raises your metabolic rate, which means you’ll burn more calories and burn fat faster.

And, if you’ve only been doing weight training, adding cardio to your workouts will improve how your body gets necessariy oxygen to your muscles – which will help you in your strength workouts to push longer and harder, improving your strength gains.

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Bob Lachniet is the owner of Fitness 4 Home Superstore. He has been in the fitness equipment commercial and retail sales industry for over 25 years and has been owner of Fitness 4 Home Superstore since 2005. Bob truly cares about his customers and wishes to educate them on what is the right piece of fitness equipment for their particular circumstance.
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