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Try this Single Best Upper Body Strength Exercise!

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Are you looking for a great exercise that you can do when you’re pressed for time, gives you a great upper body workout, and yet will keep you on your fitness schedule? Try the standing single arm overhead press!

This exercise works your deltoids, triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles and your lats. So your arms, chest, shoulders, and back all get a workout. But, since you’re standing when you do this exercise, you have to keep your balance as well, and when you’re pressing a large amount of weight overhead with one arm, you also work your glutes! So, the bonus with this exercise is, your butt gets toned as well.

Even better news. If you have a little more time and combine this with a squat and a deadlift, the calories you burn in this total body solution (as you’re adding core and legs with those two other exercises) – makes for a quick yet effective total body workout!

Your best piece of equipment to do the standing single arm overhead press, is a kettlebell. Because the weight can shift in your grip while lifting a kettlebell, you’ll activate more mucles than you will with any other type of weight, and you’ll get an even better workout.

Here’s the workout you should try for an single arm overhead press, doing this workout with one weight (don’t change your weight during your workout – only change it if you find by the end of the workout that you could do it with more weight):

  • Left arm overhead press, 2 reps
  • Right arm overhead press, 2 reps
  • Left arm overhead press, 3 reps
  • Right arm overhead press, 3 reps
  • Left arm overhead press, 5 reps
  • Right arm overhead press, 5 reps

And, if you don’t have any kettlebells for this workout, Fitness 4 Home Superstore can help. We have a full selection of kettlebells, as well as the PowerBlock adjustable kettlebells. Visit any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s 3 locations – our Scottsdale Superstore, Camelback Superstore, or I-10 Superstore.

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