Workout Tips: How To Avoid Boredom When Running

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Avoid Boredom When Running

We’ve all had that problem when running, whether on a treadmill, or outside on our familiar running route. Boredom. And, if it happens often enough, that boredom can translate into an acute lack of motivation for our exercise program! But, how can you avoid getting bored?

Belgian researchers have discovered that if you can keep yourself distracted while running, you’ll exercise for up to 20 percent longer! New treadmill designs coming out take this into account, offering video screens and iPod connections. So – if you’re looking to buy a new treadmill for your home, visit Fitness 4 Home Superstore, and take a look at some of the newest equipment designs that can help you stay distracted – and motivated!

But, for those of you that aren’t ready yet to buy a new treadmill, there are a few tricks you can do to help stay motivated.

Buy an iPod use your smart phone – and load it with content that will help keep you distracted. And, it doesn’t have to be music – also consider audio books from, or learn a new language with language tapes.

Put your television up in front of your treadmill. Watch your favorite show, or hook a DVD player up to it, and put in travel videos – and imagine running a different route through a foreign country!

Speaking of running a different route – do that! It’s easy to get into a routine, so break up that routine! Get up early on a Saturday morning, drive across town, and run a route you’ve never run before!

In the end, just by refocusing your mind on something different, you can not only keep yourself motivated, but you’ll go longer & farther – which will help you get that much closer to achieving your fitness goals!

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