Workout Tip: Exercise in Bursts When Short on Time

Workout TipOne of the biggest reasons (or excuses) people use for not working out as often as they should is that they don’t have the time. In reality, if you take a good hard look at your schedule and daily routine—and cut out some of the biggest time wasters—almost everyone has enough room in their life to fit exercise into the mix.

This doesn’t mean it will be easy to accommodate this extra activity into your daily agenda, though. These days, we are all busy juggling work, family, social activities, hobbies and other obligations that monopolize our time. To make things worse, many of us are working longer hours than we used to, leaving us with less free time on our hands.

But you know how important it is to stay healthy—particularly if you work long hours or have a stressful job—so you need to make exercise a high priority when planning your schedule.

The key to working out when you are short on time is to be strategic about planning and scheduling your workout. First, analyze your daily routine and think about when a workout would fit best into your schedule, while also considering your natural rhythms and when you tend to have the most energy. Many people find that working out first thing in the morning is the best option for them—not only because they have more energy, but also because they can focus on this before the rest of the day’s tasks become a distraction.

One of the best ways to squeeze workouts into a packed schedule is to exercise in relatively short but intense spurts. Obviously, it’s much more difficult to find an hour for exercise

than it is to manage 20 minutes. The key is to be strategic and ensure that you get the maximum results out of whatever time you have. Interval training—sometimes officially referred to as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—can be a great approach for this.

You can get a great headstart by choosing the right tools to help you maximize your workout. Think about fitness equipment that would help you achieve your goals quickly or target the specific areas you want to focus on most.

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