Workout Tip: Certain Exercises Build Bulk

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Workout Tip: Certain Exercises Build Bulk If you are hoping to add size (either to your entire frame overall or to certain muscle groups), you will want to plan your workout with these goals specifically in mind. You can speed up your progress by building your fitness regimen around moves that are particularly effective at building mass.

More weight and fewer reps

The most basic and common approach to building mass has traditionally boiled down to lifting more weight with fewer reps. That is generally still viewed as a great fundamental approach. Some experts also suggest forced reps or compound exercises as a smart move to add bulk. Of course, you will want to balance this intense activity with sufficient periods of rest and recovery.

Specific moves for specific body parts

If there are one or two main areas that are high priorities, you can include exercises that will target those particular areas. Depending on which body parts or muscle groups you want to bulk up, you can likely find a number of ways to isolate those regions and add size in that area. For example, to build up your legs, power squats might be an effective choice. For an impressive back, meanwhile, you might want to focus on deadlifts and t-bar rows. Isolating the specific areas you want to target will help you maximize your efforts without overexerting yourself or wasting time and energy.

Don’t overlook the diet component

Exercising for bulk is only half the equation when it comes to adding size. You will also want to carefully plan your diet so that you can consume sufficient calories to provide the proper fuel for this sort of hardcore workout routine.

Build strength without size

If your only motivation for wanting to increase size is because you believe that’s a requirement to build strength, we have some good news for you. While size and strength are often viewed as synonymous, it isn’t always necessarily true that they must go hand in hand. Remember, it is very possible to become stronger (perhaps considerably so) without adding a lot of bulk. Lean muscle can be surprisingly strong.

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