Have You Experienced Lateral Trainers For Your Cardio Workouts?
More than likely you’re familiar with the benefits of treadmills, as well as elliptical trainers and exercise bikes for your cardio workouts. Each of these types of cardio equipment give you a good workout, especially for your legs. But, each of these types of equipment work your legs in one direction. Yet, the fitness industry
Helix HR1000 Recumbent Lateral Trainer
If you’ve thought of getting an exercise bike, but want something different? Maybe you should consider the new Helix HR1000 Recumbent Lateral Trainer! The Helix HR1000 Recumbent Lateral Trainer brings the power of recumbent lateral training into a residential setting. Unlike traditional recumbent bikes which only work muscles front to bac, the Helix HR1000’s patented