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Spirit CRS800 Recumbent Stepper

The Spirit CRS800 Recumbent Stepper is the perfect solution for those wanting a low-impact, full-body workout, with minimal stress on lower body joints. By being seated, you use a linear motion, allowing you to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate your range-of-motion capabilities.

The smooth stepping action of the Spirit CRS800 is additi0nally aided by the oversized cushioned foot pedals, combined with a linked, natural upper body motion with large cushioned multi-grip handles, and a step-through frame design for users with limited mobility.

Why Use a Recumbent Stepper?

Recumbent steppers were originally designed for elderly patients and those recovering from injury. With the Spirit CRS800 Recumbent Stepper, by staying seated during your workout, you’ll find exercise becomes more enjoyable and beneficial. The high density seat foam seat pads taking unnecessary pressure off the joints, while allowing for the strenuous exercise necessary to achieve the cardiac and pulmonary output.

Additionally, you’ll find that the design of the electronics is based around an intuitive interface. Large, easy-to read displays combined with multiple program options, make the Spirit CRS800 perfect for users of all levels of fitness.

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