The Problem with Used Treadmills

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The Problem with Used Treadmills
When shopping for a treadmill, most people are looking for the greatest value. But, what value to you really get when you buy a used treadmill?

Many times, those that previoulsy purchased fitness equipment thanks to a new years resolution (for example), and had great intentions on using it – but found that after the initial post-purchase excitement, ended up stashing that new treadmill in their basement or garage. Then, finding they didn’t really use it, they look to either sell or discard it.

That’s why you often see a surge of nearly used fitness equipment such as treadmills for sale in winter or spring. So, if you have been thinking about starting or expanding your home gym, it may be tempting to consider buying one of these used treadmills for sale, especially if you think you can get a good deal from someone eager to just get this machine out of their way.

Cheap isn’t always smart

Unfortunately, many times when you purchase used fitness equipment, “you get what you paid for”. What starts out seeming like a great bargin, becomes something else if you start having issues you didn’t plan on encountering.

When you purchase a used treadmill, how do you know how it’s been maintained? Was it serviced and repaired properly? What do you do when that treadmill you purchased off of Craigslist turns out to be broken and in need of repair? Now you either have to pay far more than you had planned on to repair it, or you end up having to try to sell it – more than likely at a loss.

And, how do you know how much lifespan is left in the treadmill? Given that the current owner is probably not very eager to share what issues or problems it may have, you’re gambling on their honesty to make your purchase.

But – there’s a better way. Actually, two ways. You can purchase new from a trusted retailer like Fitness 4 Home Superstore. Buy purchasing new, you not only avoid the potential problems encountered by purchasing used from a private party, you’ll also get a warranty on your treadmill that protects you. When you purchase your home gym equipment from us, you can rest assured that you won’t spend a penny more than necessary, thanks to our Best Price Promise. Plus, we service what we sell, so you don’t need to worry about scrambling to get your equipment maintained or repaired.

But, if you are still interested in a used treadmill to save a bit of money, Fitness 4 Home also has a selection of used equipment. Purchasing a used treadmill from Fitness 4 Home Superstore means we can arrange delivery for you, show you how best to use it – and you’ll know the exact details of its condition and service life before you purchase it. And, all used equipment we sell has been serviced prior to you buying it – so you can feel confident that what your purchasing is in the best condition possible.

To learn about all of the home fitness equipment we can offer for your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore.

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