Maintaining fitness equipment is important

Maintaining fitness equipment is important

Fitness equipment can be costly. For many people, it isn’t a minor purchase. That’s why it is so important to protect that investment by properly caring for your fitness equipment, so it will last as long as possible and operate with the best performance.

Use caution

A word of warning: it’s important to be very careful when moving or maintaining your fitness equipment. Even just losing or breaking one tiny little part from a piece of fitness equipment can render that equipment unusable until that part is fixed or replaced.

It’s also wise to use caution when moving or maintaining equipment because, obviously, this equipment tends to be heavy and potentially hazardous. To avoid injury, it may be a good idea to recruit one or more helpers if you need to lift or move heavy machinery or weights.

Follow directions

Exactly when and how you maintain fitness equipment will depend upon the specific piece of equipment involved. Be sure to read the user’s manual or manufacturer’s handbook carefully, as these materials will often include guidelines on how to properly maintain the equipment. (If you don’t have your instruction manual, you can usually access copies of them online at the manufacturer’s website.)

Free weights are obviously the easiest items to maintain since they don’t have pulleys, motors or other complicated parts. Mainly you will just want to keep them clean and watch for any signs of wear or breakage that might cause injury.

With machinery, it’s a bit more complicated because they are many more parts to maintain and monitor. Lubricating machinery using a product approved or recommended by the manufacturer can help cut down on wear and tear, and prevent damage caused by friction. You will also want to be alert for any signs of loose or wearing wires, ropes or other items that can break or dislodge.

Prevent problems before they happen

Preventative maintenance is not only smart, but it can help you save time, money and aggravation later. Just as diligently getting your car’s oil changed at the recommended intervals helps protect the engine and prevent costly repairs, staying on top of regular maintenance for your fitness equipment can also help you avoid breakdowns that can be annoying and expensive.

Keep things clean

Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning your fitness equipment. Obviously, this is important for health and hygiene reasons, but regular cleaning can also help prevent dirt, sweat and other materials from building up on your equipment, possibly wearing down the surfaces or contributing to friction and wear.

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