Fitness Tips for Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted

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Fitness Tips for Building the Body You've Always Wanted

Summer is coming soon! And with the summer heat, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to look at the pool very shortly. There’s still time to make progress building that body you want to have poolside – here’s some tips for building the body you’ve always wanted.

Tip #1 – Start by setting realistic goals. – If you’ve not done any weight training, or it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the gym, you can’t expect to have that perfect six-pack in six weeks. But, you can still gain quite a bit of progress by setting goals that are specific, realistic, and measurable. Set small goals that you can quantify. Rather thay saying “I’m going to work out more”, say, “I’m going to workout 4 days per week, starting at 8:00pm, and work each night for an hour.

Tip #2 – Get your diet in order, but go into it gradually – If you have bad diet habits, dropping all of them immediately will make you more likely to fall back into them just as quickly. Making gradual changes will cause you to incorporate them – and stick with them – far beter.

Tip #3 – Go For “Fives”. – Pick a weight. Do five sets of five reps each. Keeping good form, try to get these sets done with about 60 seconds of rest between sets. Next week, same thing, but increase your weight by 5 pounds. Do this for bench, deadlifts, and squats. It’s easy to remember, and you’ll find you progress nicely.

Tip #4 – Have a “two miss” rule. – Some weight routines, like doing clean & jerks, can be difficult. You don’t want to hurt yourself and set back your progress. So, make a rule – if you fail more than twice at a weight – stop and try again your next workout. You’ll avoid injury and keep progressing with this rule.

Tip #5 – Video yourself during your workouts – Set up your phone and record video of your workouts. Then, review after. You’ll not only see where you need to improve your form (which can lead to more effective workouts) – you’ll also see when you aren’t giving it your all – great motivation to keep your progress moving forward!

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