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Spirit XE295

We offer a wide variety of excellent elliptical machines at Fitness 4 Home, and we know it can be a challenge to try and pick just one. Such as the Spirit XE295.

Traditional with Some Upgrades

The Spirit XE295 has a traditional foundation that will feel comfortable and familiar to those who are accustomed to using old-school elliptical machines. However, there are also some cool and useful additions that we think most people will really appreciate. This makes it the best of both worlds, a great combination of traditional design with high-tech options.

Handy tech features

Among the new options available with this machine are two heart rate monitoring and user programs. The Heart Rate % Profile on this machine gives you a quick reference of your % compared to maximum projected heart rate. The handy and easy to understand color-coded system makes it simple for you to assess your current level and see if you are on track to achieve your target goal.

Flexible for a customized workout

This elliptical is also designed to allow you to adjust the positioning and options to create a customized workout. The handgrips allow multiple hand positions, which not only are great for comfort but also allow you to focus on different muscle groups with each workout. The controls for this feature are built right into the dual-action arms so you can make adjustments quickly and easily without ever letting go of the handlebars.

The pedal design has also been specifically tailored to allow for a more ergonomic setup, so the pedaling motions are more comfortable and feel more natural. The pedals are also padded for increased comfort.

The bright blue backlit LCD control panel also offers a quick and convenient way for you to access features and program the machine. Plus, there is an MP3 audio jack so you can connect your MP3 player or cell phone, allowing you to enjoy your favorite workout soundtrack.

This is just one of the many terrific ellipticals we have available. To learn more about all of our elliptical machines for your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore today.

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