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Exercise Bikes Fitness 4 Home SuperstoreExercise bikes are one of the most popular tools for getting an effective workout at home in a relatively enjoyable way. These bikes have come a long way, though, since the traditional basic bike of years ago. Today there is a wide variety of bikes of all types and sizes, with many different options and features available.

To help make your quest to find the perfect bike a bit easier, we’ve selected a few of the best exercise bikes we have available.

Spirit XBR55: one of our most affordable recumbent bikes, this model still offers everything you need to get a great workout. The 20 levels of resistance allow you to tailor your workout to your goals and abilities. The bright blue backlit LCD display lets you monitor your heart rate and muscle activation, along with other feedback. Plus, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride—and allows for easy adjustments.

Precor RBK 615: this is the at-home version of a commercial model, so it offers a durability and performance not usually found in a machine designed for residential use. You can choose from 6 preset workouts and 25 resistance levels to create the perfect workout for your individual needs. We think you will also appreciate the custom-designed air flex seat featuring a ventilated panel and unique suspension system for a cool, cushioned ride.

Stairmaster AirFit: maintaining the Stairmaster reputation for durability and quality, this model offers dual action wind resistance that lets you achieve an excellent total body workout. This bike is flexible enough to adapt to users of a wide range of ability levels: the harder the bike is pedaled, the stronger the resistance becomes.

True CS900: a small footprint and unique custom-designed frame are just two of the features that set this bike apart from the rest. It has a walk-through setup (meaning you don’t have to step over the frame to reach the seat), making it a great choice for seniors or those recovering from an injury.

Precor UBK 835: this self-powered upright bike is all about maximum comfort and ultimate results. It has an ergonomic style, complete with saddle design and custom handlebars. The design is also created to help achieve proper pedaling biomechanics.

To learn about these or other exercise bikes for your Phoenix area home, contact Fitness 4 Home Superstore.

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