Why You Should Add Kettlebells To Your Workouts

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Why You Should Add Kettlebells To Your Workouts

Have you considered adding kettlebell training to your workouts? Using kettlebells boosts your power, strength, flexibility, and mobility, all while being gentler on your body than barbell weight training. Here’s why you should add kettlebells to your workouts.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a kettlebell workout is a bit different than other workouts you may have done with dumbbells or barbells. For example, you can’t just pick one up and go without risking injury. It’s important to start slowly and work up into your workouts.

Also, if you’re used to using dumbells, (which are great for building strength and muscle in specific muscles), kettlebell exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time. And, kettlebells also boost cardiovascular fitness – kind of like high-intensity interval training (HIIT Training).

For example, look at the basic kettlebell swing. This routine uses and develops many of the muscles needed for a powerful sprint. You’ll also find yourself out of breath even after a quick workout – which is great for building both stregnth and cardiovascular endurance.

When it comes to building strength, kettlebells allow you to focus less on the weight itself, and instead train your body to produce force very quickly. You end up working your muscles hard the entire time, which means you may find you can get a similar workout that you would do with dumbbells in less time. You also gain more control, as you’re building multiple muscles at the same time, while also putting less wear and tear on your body.

The main thing to keep in mind when you start out using kettlebells, is that you should start out with a lighter weight and concern yourself with proper form, rather than jumping into a routine with a heavy weight. You may want to have a variety of kettlebells, all in different weights, to find one that you can use properly. Start with one simple exercise like the kettlebell swing before adding other, different types of exercises. And, you may find it takes a little bit longer to start moving up in weight than dumbbells would – but that’s a good thing, as you’re activating more muscle groups. Be patient, and your progress will grow, along with your muscles and endurance!

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