Workout Tip: Track Your Routine and Progress

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Track Your Workout Routine

When thinking about your workout plan, you likely mainly focus on actions: the exercises you do, the number of reps involved, muscle groups you strengthen, etc. Paperwork and records probably aren’t really on your radar, but they can (or should) be an important component in your fitness strategy.

Why you need to track progress

There are a number of reasons why you need to keep some sort of records of what you have done, and what you plan to do, in your exercise routine. You can’t fully evaluate your current fitness plan (and judge the results you are getting from it) if you don’t have a detailed and accurate record of exactly what you are doing. Along the same lines, it is difficult to track your progress over an extended period of time if you don’t have an easy way to quickly review your activities over that period.

This type of formal, recorded system is also essential to helping you properly plan your itinerary and formulate the best plan of attack to make the best use of your time. By contrast, just winging it and making things up as you go along will often result in efficiency and lots of wasted time. That will make it much more difficult and time-consuming to try and achieve your goals. In addition, that may cause frustration and decreased motivation when you don’t see the results from your efforts as quickly or to the level at which you expect.

How to keep track

The good news is, keeping track of your workout routine doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Sure, you could go old-school and jot everything down in a notebook or on a large calendar. But there are plenty of high-tech tools that can make this process easier and more convenient. Check out some of the fitness apps or workout websites that offer tracking tools. One bonus of these types of tools is that you can access them from anywhere using your smartphone or other mobile device, which also makes them easy to share with anyone else.

These tools often also offer an easy way for you to quickly review a particular period at a glance, making it simple to identify trends or track your progress over the long-term. This can help you figure out what is working, and what aspects may need to be adjusted.

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