Workout Motivation – How To Avoid Skipping Workouts

Workout Motivation - How To Avoid Skipping Workouts

As much as you want to make your workouts a regular thing, there’s always something that comes up. Whether it’s something like a family obligation, a distraction, or just “not feeling it today” – finding the motivation to get that workout in isn’t always easy. So, when it comes to workout motivation, here’s a few ideas that may help you work through those roadblocks that keep you from your regular workout schedule.

Give Yourself a Reward!

In other words, vague goals are worthless. If your goal is to just “get healthier” or “loose some weight”, you’ll find you always can come up for an excuse to avoid your workout. Making a tangible reward rather than a vague one, can help make a difference in your motivation level. For example, telling yourself you can have that favorite smoothie, binge watch your favorite show for an hour, or purchase that new piece of home fitness equipment, gives you a reason to get your workout going and spike your workout motivation. And, this can work both short and long term. You can find a way to get through one workout, or a group of workouts!

Get Someone Else Involved To Hold You Accountable

If you tell yourself you’ll get around to something, what is your motivation to getting it done? Yes, there’s a positive satisfaction to accomplishing that goal. But it’s also too easy to either let the goal slip, or avoid it all together. Instead, if you tell someone else what your goal is – something like (I’m going to workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before work, and my goal is to loose 30 pounds in 4 months) – you have to answer to someone else, rather than to yourself. It will take you far more effort to come up with a plausible excuse why you didn’t workout – and this may take more time and effort then the actual workout – so you might as well go do your workout, just to avoid the pain of saying you didn’t do what you committed to!

Positive Thinking!

But, there’s more to positive thinking than just feeling nice about your workouts. You need to contrast that with how bad you’ll feel if you don’t do it. Making your emotions work for you, rather than against you, can be a great way to get yourself off your couch and into your home gym! So, just imagine not only the benefits of what your workouts will get you, but what will happen (and how you will ultimately feel) if you don’t workout, can be key to getting over that “workout motivation” hump!

Take Your Workouts Home

Having a gym in your house is not only more convenient that going to the gym, but it’s also much harder to avoid your workout if your gym equipment is right in front of you! Whether it’s a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, or home gym, you can always find 5-10 minutes to at least get a bit of your workout in, and finish it up in a hour or two. You’ll find that you’ll accomplish far more with “little steps” than “no steps! And, at Fitness 4 Home Superstore, we have a wide variety of exercise equipment that can meet your fitness requirements – stop in today to learn more!


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