Go Beyond a Treadmill – Take Your Training to a New Level with the TRUE Alpine Runner!

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TRUE Alpine Runner

You’ve been to your local gym, and probably spent time running on a treadmill. And with summer approaching, it is definitely more comfortable running indoors than out in the heat. But, one of the downsides of running on a treadmill is it’s difficult, if not impossible to duplicate training for hills and inclines on a treadmill. But, no more! Go beyond a treadmill, and take your training to a new level with the TRUE Alpine Runner!

The TRUE Alpine Runner is not your average treadmill, as most treadmills are limited in their maximimum incline range, which normally run at around a 10-15% incline. The TRUE Alpine Runner goes beyond this – not only having a maximum incline level of 30% (twice what most treadmills have) – but it also can decline up to 3%, helping you to train for running down hills as well.

The standard treadmill you find at your local gym is ideal for walking or running workouts – it’s a great tool for your cardio workouts and for fat burning. And, with the TRUE Alpine Runner, you can get that same workout as a regular treadmill. What makes the Alpine Runner different is that even if you can keep a good pace on a normal treadmill running at a 10% incline, it is difficult to simulate running hills that are steeper than that. A workout on an incline trainer simulates hiking more than walking or running. So, not only does your training go far beyond a normal treadmill, the TRUE Alpine Runner gives you an incredible cardio workout that also is an incredible calorie burner.

To give you an idea of what kind of calorie burning performance you could experience, if you increase the TRUE Alpine Runner’s incline from 0 to 30 percent, you can burn five times the calories over a standard treadmill. If you walk 2 mph for 20 minutes at a 0 degree incline, you will burn approximately 74 calories. At a 30 degree incline, you will burn almost 300 calories!

Additionally, the TRUE Alpine Runner comes standard with the Emerge LED Console, which provides pertinent information in an easy-to-read presentation, 9 Preset Workout Programs, Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring, Self-Generated Power, Equipped with a Reading/Accessory Rack for your tablet, magazine or book. The TRUE Alpine Runner can also be set up with TRUE”s optional Transcend16 console. This console features include:

  • Touch Screen Technology
  • Advanced iPod Connectivity
  • Digital and Analog TV Tuners with Closed Captioning
  • Quick Speed Keys
  • Personal Cooling Fans
  • Virtual Active Technology for Scenic Landscape Simulations
  • Netpulse Compatible
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 36 Preset Workout Programs and 4 Saved Workouts
  • USB Port for Workout Summary Exports
  • Nike+ Workout iPod Connectivity for workout data uploads
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Over Molded Reading Rack and Tablet Holder, and Sleep Mode.

You won’t get bored on the TRUE Alpine Runner. Users can choose from a variety of programmed workouts including TRUE’s new Monument Workouts which allow the user to climb the heights of internationally famous landmarks like the St. Louis Arch, Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest and more.

Ready to take your training to a new level? Stop into any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s 3 Valley locations to learn more about the TRUE Alpine Runner!

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