Transform Your Garage Into a Gym!

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Transform Your Garage Into a Gym!

Why a Home Gym over a Commercial Gym?

You drive past the gym every day. Every day. You’re paying them every month. Yet, are you getting anything from it? Only if you stop in and actually work out. Something else to consider – the gym you signed up at – they really don’t want you there. There’s only so much room for people. They “overbook” just like the airlines do. What’s the solution? Rather than spend money on something you don’t use, maybe you should spend it on something you would use. And a great way to do that – transform your garage into a gym!

Now, setting up a home gym in your garage sounds like it’s a lot of work. And, to be fair, it can be a pretty daunting task. But, it’s really far easier than you might think. And, once it’s set up, maintenance is minimal!

Types of Home Gym Equipment

The best way to think of home gym equipment is to think of three categories. These three distinct categories of gym equipment can be defined by the type of exercise equipment you’re looking for – and how they apply to your fitness goals. Think of them like this:

  • Compound Exercise Equipmentt – for building power.
  • Cardiovascular Machines, for getting that resting heart rate up.
  • Free Weights for overall toning up and getting those flexors working.

Compound Exercise Equipment

One type of compound exercise equipment is the power rack or squat rack. With a good quality power rack, there is a large variety of strength exercises you can do, and the rack provides an element to safety when you’re working out alone (i.e. without a spotter). You will find that you can bench, squat, deadlift, overhead press and barbell row all in the same place. Some of them even come with a pull-up bar. A great example of a good quality, reasonably priced rack is the TuffStuff CPR-265 Power Rack. Another choice, if you’re more used to weight machines, is a plate loaded compound home gym like the TuffStuff SPT-6B Six-Pak Trainer. With a home gym such as this, you can do a variety of strength training exercises without taking up very much space.

Cardiovascular Exercise Equipment

Your workouts should also have some cardiovascular element to them. Science has proven that there area number of benefits from cardiovascular exercise, including being able to focus on things longer and feeling less stressed out through the day. To take your cardiovascular functions to the limit, consider either a rowing machine, a spin bike, or the ever-popular treadmill.

Free Weight Equipment

If you go with a power rack, you’ll also need an Olympic Bar and a set of weights. But, if you’re looking to start small, consider going with dumbbells and kettlebells. They are a great way to start your free weight workouts on a budget – you can always upgrade later. And, if you’re pressed for space, adjustable dumbbells like dumbbells from PowerBlock are a great solution.

Once you have your equipment, you can set up space in your garage for your workouts. You may want to consider adding a couple mirrors to a wall, extra lighting, a fan, and even rubberized gym flooring. As you can see, it’s not very complicated to put together the perfect home gym in your garage – and anyone can put together a gym that is exactly what they are looking for!

Want more ideas? Stop into any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s 3 Phoenix – area locations to find the perfect home gym equipment for your new garage gym!

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