Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Home
There are so many ways to get fit that sometimes it seems overwhelming, and almost paralyzing, on how to know what type of equipment to use to get you to your personal fitness goal. While many of us have heard about the benefits of strength training, cardio training and flexibility, we may still be a
True CS900 Upright Bike
There are multiple ways you can improve your health by incorporating regular physical exercise into your daily routine. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, if you spend 150 minutes a week (that’s just over 20 minutes a day) , engaging in moderate intensity cardio exercise, you can help manage your weight better,
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What to do when runners can’t run Runners love to run, but there are times due to soreness, joint or knee pain that running is not a viable option. Cross-training is training in two or more sports (activities) in order to improve fitness and performance, especially in a main sport (or activity). So, if you