One of the most popular rowers available is the Concept 2 Rower. And, it is a wonderful piece of equipment. But, the Concept 2 is not the only rower available – and for >roughly the same money, you can find other rowers with more options, a better warranty, as well as a workout that’s just
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Product Spotlight: Spirit CRW800 Rower
When you decide to improve your health, your first step doesn’t have to be pounding the pavement on a grueling, long-distance run. If you join a gym, regular rowing workouts are an ideal way to work toward maximum physical fitness. Using a rowing machine can help to build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular
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Rower of the Month: Spirit XRW600 Rower
Rowing machines are a very popular way to get a great cardio workout. Using a rowing machine can help to build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina. Rowing machines are particularly effective for older fitness enthusiasts because they place no strain on your back and joints. This month, we’re
4 Exercise Machines That Help Burn Fat and Build Muscle
You’re looking to put on some muscle, burn off some fat, and you want a piece of fitness equipment that will help you accomplish both. There are plenty of pieces of fitness equipment that are great for improving cardiovascular fitness, and others that help you put on muscle. Here’s 4 types of exercise machines that
Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Home
There are so many ways to get fit that sometimes it seems overwhelming, and almost paralyzing, on how to know what type of equipment to use to get you to your personal fitness goal. While many of us have heard about the benefits of strength training, cardio training and flexibility, we may still be a
Cascade Rower
Now at Fitness 4 Homne – the Cascade Rower! Designed to deliver exceptional performance, motivating training feedback, and long-life durability, the Cascade Rower is also a great value. Sleek with a smart design, the Cascade Rower includes HR Monitor/Strap and 5” riser block and rolls easily with a standup option for storage. Motivating workout programs,
Best Low Impact Equipment
Indoor rowing machines offer a great full-body exercise that burns fat and tones muscle. Once you have mastered the basics of a new rowing machine and are ready to expand your exercise, there are numerous videos and video series that have workouts for all levels of experience and any muscle group. Proper Grip and Adjustment
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Spirit CRW800H2O Water Rower
With a wide variety of rowing machines available, finding that perfect machine that duplicates the feeling of rowing on water, while also providing a stellar cardio workout, isn’t always simple. With the Spirit CRW800H2O Water Rower, you can accomplish both – and at an affordable price! The Spirit Fitness CRW800H2O Water Rower is a fresh
Spirit CRW900 Water Rower
Fitness 4 Home Superstore is proud to introduce the new Spirit Fitness CRW900 Water Rower. Unlike other rowing machines, the highlight of this machine is its distinctive water tank, which provides up to 10 challenging levels of resistance with a simple turn of a knob. The wooden and steel frame features smooth slide rails, an
Product Spotlight - Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower
Rowing machines one of the most underrated fitness tools out there. You get a full body workout, unlike other cardio machines, and you also get a great low-impact workout as well. One of the most popular rowing machines is the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower – available at Fitness 4 Home Superstore. The Concept2 Model
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