The Tuff Stuff SPT-6X SIx-Pak Trainer is the Perfect Functional Trainer
The TuffStuff SPT-6X Functional Trainer is the most compact and space efficient machine, designed to fit the need of every home gym. The Tuff Stuff “Six Pack Trainer” provides compact, European-style cable motion technology in a space-efficient all-frontal work station. Many other functional trainers are seatless. Not the SPT-6X. The Six-Pak Trainer features a rotating
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Tuff Stuff CXT-200 Corner Multi-Functional Cross Trainer
If you’ve been looking for a compact, yet easy to use functional strength trainer, yet you’re also limited on space for a home gym, the Tuff Stuff CXT-200 Corner Multi-Functional Cross Trainer is the ideal choice for a compact strength trainer! The Tuff Stuff CXT-200 features an “angle construction”, allowing the unit to be placed neatly
Tuff Stuff HTX-2000 Dual Stack Functional Trainer
Functional Trainers allow you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. Using cables combined with weight stacks, functional trainers allow you to change the angle, resistance, and attachment for a wide variety of exercises to hit either the upper or lower body, creating unrestricted exercises that
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Pressed for space, but still want a full strength workout? Choose a Functional Trainer! When youspend time at a gym, you’re confronted with a large area with multiple machines and racks, all designed to target specific muscles. But, now that you’ve decided to build out a home gym for your workouts, how can you get
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