Prevent Back Pain
You’ve had a great workout. You felt great. Then, the next day, you hurt. Bad. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DORS. But what causes muscle soreness, and how can you deal with it? Here’s some tips. What Is Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)? When you workout, what you’re doing is creating micro tears
Prism – Self Guided Commercial Deluxe Package
Prism Fitness Group’s Self-Guided Commercial Package – Deluxe is perfect for fully equipping your home gym with the perfect grouping of fitness accessories. The versatility of this commercial-grade package allows you to easily display and store this full package of key self-guided products for your home in a space efficient manner. Don’t stare at your
PowerBlock U-90 Set Saves Money and Space
One of the most popular staples of a home gym—or even just one of the bare essentials for a home fitness routine—is a dumbbell set. While this is a no-frills and easy to use fitness tool, it can occupy a considerable amount of space. It can also be inconvenient to store or move. A space-friendly
New at Fitness 4 Home Superstore
If you’re HIIT or CrossFit workouts need something extra, have you thought of adding a conditioning rope to your workout? At Fitness 4 Home, we’re proud to announce we now carry the TRX Battle Rope. A staple tool for high-intensity workouts, the TRX Battle rope will take your training to the next level, whatever your
PowerBlock U-70 Weight Set is Affordable and Compact
Many people like to take a simple, easy to manage approach to getting in shape. This often translates to using a set of weights. However, dumbbell and barbell sets can have their downsides. Chief among those is the fact that they tend to require a lot of space, and can also be inconvenient to move
It’s the nemesis of many athletes (or aspiring athletes): shin splints. That dreaded pain in the lower leg that seems to grip your entire calf in a painful hold that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to exercise or even walk without discomfort. The condition gets its name from the fact that the pain often