Tips for Exercising in Summer Heat
Summer is brutal here in Arizona. Yet, just because it’s hot out, doesn’t mean your workouts should end for the season. There’s so many activities to do outside, even when it’s hot out. But, you also need to exercise caution during the summer. The biggest problem is staying hydrated. It’s vital that you keep drinking
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Weight Loss Tips - Help Your Family Loose Weight

Tips for Healthy Kids and Families

The best way to make sure your kids are healthy – is to be a healthy parent! When you, as a parent, provide an consistent example of healthy eating and exercise, your kids are much more likely to also prefer healthy foods and a fit lifestyle. Here’s some tips for healthy kids and families. Healthy
Exercise Tips for Staying Active This Fall - During COVID-19
The last few months have been a bit crazy with COVID-19. Lockdowns, stay at home orders, business closures have affected everybody in some fashion. And, for a majority of that time, gyms have been either closed, or facing reduced schedules and equipment availability. We now have the running joke of gaining the “COVID 25”. With
Fitness Shortcuts to Maximize Weight Loss
There’s no easy shortcut to loosing weight and getting in shape. But, there are more efficient ways to accomplishing these goals. Here’s some “fitness shortcuts” designed to help you maximize your weight loss and fitness program. Incorporate Intervals Into Your Fitness Routine – A recent study found that doing 10 four-minute speed bursts with two