Air Bike Benefits - Why You Should Consider an Air Bike
Whether you’ve been using an air bike at your local gym, been involved in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, or you’ve just been hearing that they are great for cardio, you may be wondering what are air bike benefits, and what are your purchase options? Unlike a spin bike, recumbent bike or upright bike,
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Spirit XBR55 Recumbent Bike
If you’re looking for a recumbent exercise bike that combines quality, comfort, and performance, but at a reasonable price, here at Fitness 4 Home Superstore, we highly recommend the Spirit XBR55 Recumbent Bike from Spirit Fitness. Comfort, convenience, familiarity, enjoyment, and medical conditions are a few reasons this model appeals to a large segment of
TRUE PS50R Recumbent Bike
If you’re on a budget, yet you desire a recumbent exercise bike that is also built to a high quality standard, take a look at the TRUE PS50R Recumbent Bike. TRUE PS exercise bikes combine commercial quality materials with smart design for an overall package that is unbeatable in performance and durability in the home
Which Should You Choose? Upright Bike vs. Recumbent Bike?
When you’re thinking of an exercise bike, you probably think of an upright bike. You see these most often in your local gym, and it’s the position closest to what you experience when riding your bike on the open road. You also may have seen another type of exercise bike – the recumbent bike. What
The Benefits of Using An Air Bike for Cardio
There are a variety of different types of exercise bikes available. You can choose between recumbent bikes, upright bikes, spin bikes, and…air bikes? But, what’s so special about an air bike? First, any bike-based exercise is a great altertive for those who are unable to do other forms of cardio like running on a treadmill
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Product Spotlight - Precor UBK 635 Upright Bike
Precor has recently launched an expansion to their line of 600 Series exercise bikes, and they are available for order from Fitness 4 Home Superstore. These bikes are perfect products for exercisers looking for a quality bike for their home and they replace the 615 bikes that were discontinued in late 2018. One of the
Product Spotlight - Spirit AB900 Air Bike
Now available at Fitness 4 Home Superstore – the Spirit AB900 Air Bike! The Spirit AB900 Air Bike features a dynamic, air-driven resistance system, and is a powerful tool for all types of training situations. From low RPM, low load rehabilitation, to high performance, high Watt output interval training, the Spirit AB900 Air Bike provides
Precor RBK 615 Recumbent Bike
Looking for a health club quality recumbent bike? Look no farther than the Precor RBK 615 Recumbent Bike. With Precor’s entry level recumbent bike, you can enjoy a great low-impact cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. This commercial series bike is used in hotels, spas and training facilities worldwide, and is now
Precor RBK 665 Recumbent Bike
If you’re looking for the perfect recumbent bike for your home workouts, take a look at Precor’s RBK 635 Recumbent bike. This features the P62 console and a step-through design to appeal to a wide range of users. The simple seat adjustment allows the exerciser to change the position of the seat with one hand,
Precor UBK 665 Upright Bike
If you’re looking for the perfect upright bike for your home workouts, look no further than the Precor UBK 665 Upright Bike. The Precor UBK 665 Upright Bike features custom-designed handlebars with integrated handheld heart rate for maximum comfort and efficient workout experience. Easy seat adjustment, redesigned saddle for riding comfort, and improved knee over