The Evolution of Home Fitness - post COVID
Whether you have an elliptical in your home gym, or you’re using one at your local gym, elliptical machines can give you a great workout. They are a wonderful piece of workout equipment designed to raise your heart rate while improving your fitness as efficiently as a treadmill, without the pounding your joints would suffer
What is an Elliptical Trainer - and Why Do I Need One?
If you’re looking to get fit, loose weight, and feel better, cardio workouts are a great way to achieve those goals. But, there are a multitude of different types of equipment out there to choose from, including elliptical trainers. If you’ve never used one before, there are a number of benefits to using an elliptical
Precor EFX 221 Elliptical
Precor is one of the top names when it comes to fitness equipment, especially when it comes to the elliptical category – as they were the manufacturer to first come up with the elliptical. Known for creating innovative pieces of cardio equipment, as well as the quality and performance of the equipment they offer, you’ll
Precor EFX 425 Elliptical
With the Precor EFX 425 Elliptical, you can experience commercial-grade quality in an elliptical – but designed for your home. This premium elliptical from Precor’s Precision series of ellipticals features their motorized CrossRamp®, which automatically adjusts to focus on the muscle groups you select, and the convertible handlebars let you choose stationary or moving handlebars.
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Phoenix I-10 Superstore Is Now Open!
The carpet is down, the paint is dry, the power is on, and our warehouse is full. And, our new Phoenix I-10 Superstore is full of the industry’s top of the line fitness equipment! We’ve still got a little bit of final decorating tweaks left, but our store is now open for business! This also
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