Why Core Training is more than just Sit-ups
The first place that fat seems to show up, and the last place it seems to disappear from, is your belly. However you got that bulge, the solution to turning “flab” into “abs” isn’t countless situps. Here’s some of the best ways to flatten your belly. Cut Back on Salt – You need a little
Product Spotlight - TuffStuff CHE-340 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench
The TuffStuff CHE-340 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench is one of the fitness products TuffStuff has created to make your home workouts easier or more effective than ever before! Why should you add a hyper extension bench to your workouts? If your aim is to strengthen your core, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings, the hyper extension
Product Spotlight: Tuff Stuff CCD-347 VKR Chin Dip & Push Up Combo
Regardless of what physical activities you prefer to engage in, nearly all activities require you to have a strong core. Weak core muscles can lead to greater fatigue, less endurance, and greater injuries. At Fitness 4 Home Superstore, one of the premier pieces of core strengthening equipment we carry is Tuff Stuff’s CCD-347 VKR Chin
New Product - The Abs Company X3S Pro Bench
The Abs Company X3S Pro This simple machine delivers the best design for a complete abs, legs, and core workout. The incline bench attachment makes The Abs Company X3S more versatile and can assist with those working their way up to the full stand-up movement. The Abs Company X3S Pro Bench is a single compact exercise machine
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