Healthy Snacks That Stop Your Sugar Cravings

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Healthy Snacks That Stop Your Sugar Cravings

Everybody loves sugar. Just watch your kids when you bring around any type of sugary snack! But, like most things, a little bit of sugar is fine, but beyond that, too much sugar in your diet isn’t healthy. Here’s some healthy snacks that stop your sugar cravings.

First, it’s important to know why it’s not healthy to have an overabundance of sugar in your diet. First, we are referring to a mixture of glucose and fructose, both simple sugars that are contained in various amounts in different foods. Most sugar we eat is processed sugar, usually sourced from sugar cane or beets – but this processed or refined sugar not only is missing nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and fiber that you’d otherwise get from natural fruit sources. Processed sugar stresses your liver, and your body will take the excess sugar and convert it to fat. Processed sugar can also affect your cholesterol and triglycerides, leptin resistance, and since it doesn’t fill you up, you may feel like eating more!

Snack Alternatives for Avoiding Sugar

  • Veggies! – Rather than eating a sugary snack, try a small side of steamed veggies.
  • Fruit & Protein Powder Smoothie – Pair up a natural fruit source like strawberries, blueberries, or banana with a scoop of protein powder, milk, and a handfull of toasted almonds. You’ll satisfy that sweet tooth while getting a good mix of protein, fat and carbs – perfect for your post-workout snack!
  • Lean Protein – Try some beef jerky, lean chicken, or cooked salmon. This can help you minimize insulin release, which cuts back on your body’s tendency to store excess fat. Instead, the lean protein puts your body into Ketosis, which means your body doesn’t release as much insulin, which is great for burning fat.
  • Fill up on Healthy Fats – Eat more nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives. The healthy fats in these foods displace excess sugar from your diet. You’ll feel full longer and won’t experience a “sugar crash” – you’ll keep your energy up – and also keep your heart healthy!

There are plenty of other foods you can find that can also help you avoid sugars, such as fermented foods like kimchi, pickles, and greek yogurt, and healhty fruits like frozen grapes. Or, replace sugar in your recipes with agave syrup, or spices for a different flavor!

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