Product Spotlight: TRUE Alpine Runner

Product Spotlight: TRUE Alpine Runner

New from TRUE – the TRUE Alpine Runner! It’s not your average treadmill. It’s not your average incline trainer. The TRUE Alpine Runner is the ultimate in incline training!

Working out on an incline has many health benefits. It’s a more efficient way to torch calories, burn fat and build lean muscle mass (which also adds to the fat burning benefits in the long term!). A standard treadmill can be great way to workout on an incline, but you have another option to also consider. Incline trainers are a specific type of treadmill that offer steeper incline grades that can burn up to five times more calories when you crank it all the way up to its steepest incline.

Most treadmills have an maximum incline range around 10-15%. But, with the TRUE Alpine Runner, you get an incline range of -3% to 30%! You can intensify your workout like never before. To give you an idea of what kind of calorie burning performance you could experience, if you increase the TRUE Alpine Runner’s incline from 0 to 40 percent, you can burn five times the calories over a standard treadmill. If you walk 2 mph for 20 minutes at a 0 degree incline, you will burn approximately 74 calories. At a 30 degree incline, you will burn almost 300 calories!

And, if you are not an avid runner, an incline trainer offers you a convenient way to increase your workout intensity and calorie burn without increasing your speed.

Combine the performance advantages of an incline trainer treadmill with all the quality and features that you know TRUE treadmills for, and you have the best cardio machine on the market. Runners and walkers alike will love the softer deck of TRUE Alpine Runner. Learn more about the TRUE Alpine Runner at any of our three Phoenix area locations.

Bob Lachniet

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