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Treadmill Desk

One of the newest fitness fads had been the idea of using a treadmill at your desk – also knows as a Treadmill Desk. There has been quite a bit of research recently showing that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your long-term health. Increasing your movement during the day has been shown to improve circulation, which has long-term health benefits including the prevention of osteoporosis, diabetes, and vascular disease.

What are the productivity benefits of using a Treadmill Desk?

The idea behind a treadmill desk is – rather than sitting all day at your desk, you place a treadmill at your desk and walk while you do the same work you normally would have done. And, you’re not moving at a face pace – you’re only moving at around 2 miles per hour – so this isn’t a cardio workout – the goal is just to improve the amount of moment during the course of your workday.

In a study Avner Ben-Ner, a professor at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management,  Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. and five other professors published an April 2013 article in the journal Obesity, they showed that study participants lost as much as eight pounds over the course of a year! Additionally, Ben-Ner and Dr. Levine published a yearlong study in the science and medical journal PLOS ONE, showing that the desks boost job performance.

Ben-Ner and Dr. Levine tested with a student loan company in Minnesota, how using a Treadmill Desk worked for 400 sendentary workers in terms of improving productivity. Productivity initially decreased while the study participants become accustomed to working while walking on a treadmill. Within 6 months, productivity increased .69 on a 10-point scale, and after 1 year, productivity improved by a full 1 point.

What this means for you!

There are two areas where using a Treadmill Desk can have a positive impact on your life. First – as shown above, using a Treadmill Desk can improve productivity. In today’s competitive marketplace, being more productive can make the difference in both your company’s success, as well as your own personal level of success. But – the health benefits also are important for both you and your company. Improving your health and fitness not only improves overall company productivity, as the healthier you are, the less sick days (i.e. unproductive days) used, the better you and your company will do.

“My employer won’t allow me to use a Treadmill Desk – what do I do?”

Simple.  Whether you ever jump to using a Treadmill Desk or not – the study shows what a postive impact regular movement every day can make for your overall health. A great way to improve your overall health is to spend time daily walking on a treadmill – which you can do in the privacy of your own home while watching television or reading either before or after work.

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