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Fitness Tip: Cross Training to Burn Fat and Get in Shape Faster!

Fitness Tip: Cross Training

Cross training is one of the best workouts for burning fat and getting in shape because it combines a variety of different exercises. Some cross trainers prefer to swim, ride a bike, hike, walk, run, etc. Others choose to use fitness equipment (like the Tuff Stuff CXT-100) that allows them to do more than one exercise on the same machine.

A huge advantage of this form of exercise is that there is less chance for boredom. By doing only one form of exercise, you can easily burn out and get sick of it. By changing up your workout, the routine is always different and boredom is thus avoided.

Another advantage of cross training is that all of your muscle groups are being worked and developed. When you build muscle you’re also burning fat, so by developing the muscles in your body, you can speed your weight loss even more.

One cool thing you can do when you begin cross training is to keep records of the time and distance that you cover. As your fitness level increases, you will build up your endurance and measure your progress. It will also allow you to know when it’s time to step it up to the next level.

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