Ab Exercises That Prevent Back Pain

Prevent Back Pain A strong core can actually help reduce back pain. (Of course – before you embark on an exercise program, you should talk to your doctor – if you experience significant issues with your back, make sure you’re cleared by your doctor to avoid causing yourself further injury).

But, if your doctor says there should be no issue working on your abdominal muscles to prevent back pain, then you might want to try the following exercises to help strengthen your core.

There are other benefits to ab exercises. Besides giving strength and shape to your lower belly, and helping to support the lower spine, the best abs exercises also do other more subtle and invisible things, like creating back pressure against your bowel to assist food digestion and against your diaphragm to make breathing more efficient.

Exercises for your core that can help prevent back pain are:

Reverse curl ups – With ‘reverse curls ups’ try to lift your butt off the floor as you bring knees to chin. Reverse curl ups help control the lower abdomen and support the low lumbar spine. Transversus and internal oblique muscles naturally tend to switch off with excessive hours of sitting. This means that just about every one of us needs to do some form of lower abs exercise to switch them back on and restore them to strength.

Partial Crunches – Cross arms over your chest or put hands behind your neck. Tighten stomach muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor. Breathe out as you raise your shoulders. Don’t lead with your elbows or use arms to pull your neck off the floor. Hold for a second, then slowly lower back down. Partial crunches can help strengthen your back and stomach muscles.

Pelvic Tilt – Tighten lower abdominal muscles, pulling the navel and lower back toward the floor, without using buttocks or leg muscles

Over time, working on strengthening your core consistently can have enormous benefits. When incorporated as part of a daily exercise routine they can yield a lifetime benefit of improved posture and a healthier spine.

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