The 8 Muscle Building Exercises You Should Be Doing Now

The 8 Muscle Building Exercises You Should Be Doing Now

We’re all pressed for time – and want our workouts to make a difference. Your strength training program is no exception. But, there are a number of exercises that may help improve your results, as well as break through any plateaus you might have reached. Try these 8 muscle building exercises at the gym – or, check the links for the specific type of equipment from Fitness 4 Home Superstore if you would like to try these exercises at home!

Weighted Dips

The Weighted Dip is perfect for building and sculpting both triceps and chest muscles – this exercise is much more effective than the basic body weight dip. Adding weight to your dips will help you grow muscle faster. And, if you’re looking for a rack for weighted dips – check out the TuffStuff CCD-347 VKR Chin Dip & Push-Up Combo.

Weighted Pull Ups

Looking to build your back and biceps? The Weighted Pull Up is an advanced exercise, but the payoffs are worth it. If you can do 10 regular pull ups, try adding weight to increase your load and fast-track your muscle growth. And, if you’re looking for a rack for weighted pullups – check out the TuffStuff CCD-347 VKR Chin Dip & Push-Up Combo

Dumbbell Side Bend

Dumbbell Side Bend are a a greate way to build the oblique and abdominal muscles. Placing your ab muscles on overload through weighted repetitions is far more effective than body weight only exercises. And, if you’re looking for a set of adjustable dumbbells – check out our selection of products from PowerBlocks.

Barbell Row

The barbell row is one of the best ways to build your biceps and the middle portion of your back. On your back and bicep day, add this to your lateral pull down and seated row machine exercises. Of course, for this – you’ll need both a barbell and weights.

45 Degree Back Extensions

The 45 degree back extension is important for developing lower back strength and to remove love handles. The 45 degree back extension will target your lower back and help you sculpt lean muscle mass. Looking for a bench for back extensions? Take a look at the TuffStuff CHE-340 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench.

Barbell Decline Bench Press

The barbbell decline bench press is an underrated chest exercise designed to sculpt the pectoral muscles, while taking pressure off of your front deltoids. The decline bench will actually break down and work your pectoral muscles more direct with less strain on your shoulders than a standard flat bench press. And, the Tuff Stuff PPF-700 Multi-Adjustable Bench is the perfect bench for barbell decline bench presses.

Underhand Grip Lat Pull Down

TBy placing your hands closer together with an underhand grip you will place more emphasis on your bicep and lat muscles. This is another exercise that is perfect to add to your exercises on back and biceps day.

Box Squat

By placing a box at the bottom of your squat and sitting on it you will force your hip flexors and gluteus muscles to engage while you explode up into your repetition. This is a great eway to help you build your leg muscles quickly.

If you’re looking for fitness equipment for your home to help you get started on your new fitness program, Fitness 4 Home Superstore carries a wide variety of the industry’s top cardio and strength equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, home gyms, and adjustable dumbbells & weights. Visit any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s 3 Valley locations to learn more!

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