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Precor 800 Line Recumbent Bikes

Looking for a low-impact cardio workout, or starting a fitness program? The Precor Experience™ Series 800 Line of recumbent stationary bikes are an excellent choice. They are the exact same commercial bikes used in fitness centers worldwide, and feature a variety of programs and features to make your ride more comfortable. Our 800 Line recumbent bikes feature a step-through design and simple one-handed seat adjustments, on or off the bike, and a two-stage drive system that ensures a smooth, comfortable, quiet operation, and consistent resistance progression. Each bike in this line also features an integrated handheld heart rate that integrates with most 5 MHz HR chest straps. The 800 Line of recumbent bikes includes these models, RBK 835 and RBK 885. The difference between each model is the console (P31, P62, or P82) and is available in either a black or silver frame.

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