Workout & diet tips for loosing weight

Make Recovery a PriorityWe all have, over time, added a few pounds that we’d like to get rid of. Let’s face it – although starting and staying involved in an exercise routine is great for living a healthier life, it’s also nice to actually see results that go along with it! Here’s some easy, but not always obvious, workout & diet tips for loosing weight.

  1. Drink up! German researchers have shown that when you drink 16 oz. of cold water, it temporarily increases your metabolic rate by up to 30%, which helps you burn fat!
  1. Try an occasional energy drink or cup of coffee & green tea. The University of Oklahoma (Norman) researchers found in a 2008 study that those that drank energy drinks that had 200mg of caffeine, and 250 mg of EGCG from green tree extract for 28 days, they lost one pound of fat – without changing their other diet or exercise habits.
  1. Drink a lean whey protein shake! Looking for a snack? Try a whey protein shake. UK researchers found that doing so 1-2 hours before eating a meal meant that they ate significantly less food during that meal!
  1. Make sure you exercise regularly. Within a couple of days of non-activity, your metabolism slows down and becomes inflexible. Regular exercise keeps it sped up, and flexible – and helps you keep from gaining weight back that you’ve lost. So, even if you slow down for a couple of days, don’t stop exercising.
  1. Remember – it’s not a short term thing – it’s a lifestyle. Once you’ve lost weight and inches – don’t stop. If your metabolism over time become “out of whack” – that is what caused you to gain weight. Just because you’ve been exercising for awhile doesn’t mean it’s fixed. Once you stop, it can go back to being broken. So, keeping a regular program allows you to “keep things fixed” – and keep on loosing weight over time, even if it seems to slow down after awhile.
  1. It’s not your body – it’s your brain. Your body or your metabolism isn’t what causes you to loose or gain weight. It’s your brain. Your ability to make good or bad choices is what your body reacts to. So, changing your behavior – changing your brain – is what makes the final difference as to whether you gain or loose weight.

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