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The Truth About Energy Drinks

The Truth About Energy Drinks

Red Bull, NOS, Rockstar, Monster. These and other energy drinks are touted as a great way to not only increase your alertness and energy, but also help you perform better during your workouts. Most of these drinks are loaded with caffeine (12 oz. versions of these drinks can have as much caffeine as 2½ cups of strong coffee!), not to mention sugar and other natural stimulants. And, if you’re an elite athlete, these drinks do give short bursts of energy that burn off quickly.

Unfortunately, not all of us could be considered an “elite” athlete. What happens for the rest of us is? The sugar and caffeine from the drink burns off, and you go from feeling full of energy to “hitting the wall”. The last thing your workout needs is for you to suddenly feel exhausted and burned out when your energy drink wears off! Not to mention, many of these drinks may contain high fructose corn syrup that your body has a hard time digesting, while giving you empty calories that counteract what your trying to accomplish during your workout.

A better solution? Have some fruit. Fruit is natural! Your body can digest it far better, and the natural sugars in fruit can give you a quick energy lift that burns off gradually, fueling your workout without leaving you “without power!”

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